School Profitability

Maximize the Value of your Institution

Financial bookkeeping and organization is often a challenge. Our Bookkeeping Services will assess your challenges and put easy-to-implement solutions in place for effective financial management and growth. We assist you, regardless of location, thanks to the internet. Click here for a complimentary evaluation:

Alumni Communities


Stay in Touch with Your Grads to increase qualified enrollments and easily track retention and placement.

Discover the return on investment from Alumni Communities and how gainful employment requirements can be solved by Alumni organizations. You’ll be able to reach graduates to ask where they are working and their earnings. You’ll see a return on investment and your school will stand out from your competition.

Here is how we make it happen:
  • Assign a decision-maker to be your Alumni Community Coordinator.
  • Retain us for 10 hours a month for 3 months.
  • Set weekly phone meetings with us to focus on tasks to be completed.
  • Assess at every step.
  • A model Alumni Community is developed and can be duplicated on every campus.

Let Your Graduates Know Your School Never Leaves Them! Order the Alumni Manual Today. Contact Us

Continuing Education Training and Manuals


Continuing education and staff development are essential and often required by state and national regulatory agencies. Tell us your training needs and we will develop custom programs to offer at your campus or on-line. Here are samples:

  • Organizational Development

    Staff training to maximize productivity, efficiency, time management, organizational effectiveness, and to avoid duplication of work.

  • Implementing Successful Student Retention Strategies

    Quick-start strategies to improve retention in every department that can be implemented by everyone on staff.

  • Teaching Adults in Career Schools

    This training makes adult learning concepts easy to understand and immediately use in the classroom.

  • Program Research

    Adding the right new program requires researching the needs of your community, what your competition offers, and the current economic climate. We assist you to determine which training programs are needed in your target markets.

  • Community Outreach

    Discover the benefits of staying in touch with employers and business leaders. Increase placement through relationships. Learn what training will be needed in your market and be the first school to offer it. Learn about company tuition benefits and scholarship programs.