Licensing & Accreditation

Assistance with new school license and renewals, accreditation, and other regulatory applications.

We assist you with new school license and renewal applications for any state or accrediting agency. We work with you to develop a school that complies with rules and train your staff to understand compliance.

  • Licensing for New Schools in Any State

    • Explain licensing process.
    • Structure school to meet your state licensing requirements.
    • Assist you to complete the application process.
    • Complete renewals.
    • Manage program adds and other changes.
    • Prepare responses to licensing board inquiries.
  • Accreditation Assistance

    • Explain accreditation process and define your goals.
    • Structure school to meet accreditation requirements.
    • Select appropriate accrediting agency.
    • Complete accreditation application process.
    • Conduct Mock Visits.
  • Additional Accreditation Assistance

    • Show you how to structure your school to meet regulatory requirements
    • Set up a system for campus-wide involvement
    • Develop or formalize manuals and policies and procedures to comply with regulatory requirements
    • Complete applications, respond to questions and requests and communicate with accreditation staff.
    • Complete change of ownership processes
    • Locate new Director-level experts to bring your school to the next level as needed.
  • Assistance with Other Regulatory Applications

    • Board of Nursing
    • Board of Massage
    • Veterans Affairs
    • SEVIS
    • Workforce
    • Other

Complete the Licensing & Accreditation Self Check and we will send you a list of steps to proceed with the process.

  • New School License Assistance

    • Structure your school to meet regulatory requirements.
    • Assist you to build a strong foundation for growth and profitability.
    • Prepare the new school application and related documents, communicate with licensing board staff, and explain the process to you.
    • Prepare for a successful site visit.
    • Train your staff to run a school that meets license regulatory requirements.
  • New School Owner ‘Jump Start” Services

    Many owners are new to the career school sector. You may be opening a school for the first time or recently purchased a career school. We assist you with the following:

    • Complete change of ownership process.
    • Explain regulatory requirements.
    • Create plans for growth and development.
    • Provide Interim School Directors until the right leadership is found.
  • Trouble Shoot

    We assist in preparation of response letters and recommend changes so you comply with regulatory requirements

  • The Way We Work

    Efficient Communications Methods

    To make the process streamlined and cost effective we set up weekly phone conferences and exchange information via email.

Licensing & Accreditation: Self Check

Thinking about opening a new school or starting accreditation? Begin by completing the Licensing & Accreditation Self Check. We will send you a list of steps to proceed with the process plus a complimentary Five-Year Planning manual.