Program Research: Determine the Right Mix of Programs

Be Prepared to Train Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow
Career school and college leaders are discovering that it takes extensive research to determine the right mix of career programs to offer. Globalization and technical and demographic changes create a demand for new careers that may not yet even be defined.

Forecast Career Training Needs
Because the workplace is constantly changing we offer Program Research Services. Using a unique research design, we analyze the economic and demographic trends in your community. We contact employers to understand their needs for trained employees today and in the future. We look at new jobs that are being created world-wide. Based on this analysis we develop a list of career and continuing education programs needed in your area and not offered by any other near-by provider.

Meet Regulatory Board Requirements
When you submit new program add applications, your regulatory agencies will ask you for justification. The results of the Program Research Service provide information for this requirement.

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